Introducing Baby Madeleine

Just a quick personal post to say that my beautiful daughter was born 2 weeks ago on the 21st May @ 1.42am.  Since then I have been totally relishing the sleepy newborn phase of nursing and cuddles and can’t believe how fast time is flying! The feature picture is of Madeleine with her big sister Caitlin, who has been so excited by having a baby in the house – I swear she is going to kill her with kindness.

For those that like details, I was lucky enough to go into labour the night before I was scheduled for an induction which made me very happy!  I had an incredibly short labour and by the time I cottoned onto the fact that this was actual real contractions and not just braxton hicks, bubby appeared a short 2.5 hours later and sadly for me there was no time for drugs hahaha. Madeleine was 3.388kg (7 pounds 7 ounces) and was 53cm long (21 inches) and I’m incredibly lucky that both of us made it through in perfect condition and seriously 2 weeks on and I barely feel like I just had a baby :)

Unfortunately for me I am now a bit behind in reviews as I had planned on finishing 2 off and scheduling them that Monday night.  I’m hoping to catch up on reviewing and have posts out for the following books over the next couple of weeks:

Gameboard of the Gods  by Richelle Mead

Towering by Alex Flinn

Dare You To by Katie McGarry

So far Maddie is doing a lot of sleeping which I’m totally taking advantage of this time round now I have a bit of a clue what I’m doing!  I’m hoping to get a chance at doing another podcast with Angelya from The Oaken Bookcase before this newborn phase is finished! I still need to post our 3rd episode which we finished the day before I had my little girl :)

And to finish things off here are a couple more pictures of me with my little girl:

Me & Madeline at 3 Days Old

So Tiny!













All photos taken by the talented Lauren Colsen Photography!

Hannah @ Once Upon A Time says:

Gorgeous pictures, hunni! And HUGE congrats! 😀 xx

Thank you! She is struggling a bit to adapt to life on the outside but she is super cute :)