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We’d both been stripped of all the evasiveness, all the lies, everything we’d ever kept from each other. Layer by layer, we had given up our defenses and our excuses and our demands for whys and hows, and what was left were two broken beings. Clinging to one last shred of hope. Tethered to each other.

I just loved the idea of this book, as soon as I read the synopsis I was intrigued and knew I had to get my hands on it.  This book centers around Nikki, a forfeit who has just been released from the underworld to spend a final 6 months on earth before being given over to the tunnels.  The story sends you on a journey of what happens in those final 6 months plus interchanging chapters giving you insight into the 6 months of her life leading up to her entering the underworld.

This book started off really slow – At 20% in I was worried that it was going to be a big waste of time.  I didn’t really get the whole tunnels/Everneath premise and couldn’t really relate to Nikki at all.  I also didn’t buy the fact that she disappeared quite literally off the face of the planet and no one seemed that concerned by her sudden reappearance. At no point in the story does her family actually push her to find out what happened which doesn’t seem very realistic to me. As more of the back story was revealed and I really got into the romance that is Jack and Nikki I could relax and forget about some of these eyebrow raising plot holes and just enjoy the wonderful characters.  By the time I finished the book I was hooked and like a junkie I wanted more.

The strength of this novel lies in it’s characters and character development.  Nikki, our heroine is a beautiful character who a has to deal with some pretty full on issues for an adult let alone a teenager.  While she seems weak at first, the way the story is written, slowly revealing little pieces of her history in between what is happening in the present really helps you connect with her.  It shows her inner strength, personality flaws and all and it would be a rare person who couldn’t understand her actions by the books conclusion.

Jack – wow, just wow.  For a story based on myths and legend, Ashton has definitely come up with a modern day hero.  Jack is a solid male lead and secondary character, that really rounds this book out.  It is Jack that stops you from disregarding this as a typical teenage romance its just so clear that he really genuinely cares about Nikki, both as a girlfriend and his lifelong friend.  I am normally quite cynical about the relationships in Young Adult novels, often finding them erring on the side of ridiculous and these two really hooked me in and had me rooting for them.

The book is pitched as a love triangle with the 2nd love interest being the Everliving Cole who got Nikki into this mess to begin with.  Cole is an interesting if slightly two dimensional character.  He starts off quite strong and mysterious, your not quite sure if he really is a bad boy or if he’s just misunderstood.  Unfortunately his character doesn’t really develop that much through the story other than to fill you in on important information which means that this love triangle is pretty lack lustre.  I expect that we’ll see a lot of Cole development in the sequel.

There were plenty of little heartfelt moments through this book that just keep endearing you towards it.  The scene where Nikki overhears her dad talking about his difficulties with Nikki to her mother just tugged at me and this novel is full of small occurrences like this one.

Because the story switches between the past and present you have a good idea where it is leading and it works in the stories favour, really building your anticipation.  The story itself was paced really well and like the clock ticking down the pace gets faster and faster as it draws to the inevitable final scenes and ends with a nail biting finale.

This story is a breath of fresh air even though its loosely based on ancient myth and I definitely think anyone who enjoys mythology or young adult romance will find this a worthwhile read.

Rating ★★★★☆

Author Brodi Ashton
Book series Everneath: Book #1
Genre Paranormal Romance / Young Adult
Publisher Balzer + BrayHarper Collins
Published January 2012
Source Purchased for Kindle
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Thanks for this review! You’ve reminded me I’ve had this one on my list for months now and haven’t got around to reading it! Must try to do that.

It’s really good though I was a bit iffy at first I really warmed up to it! You’ll have to re-add it the queue after your bout of books pile!

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I really enjoyed this book as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Cole!

Me too – I think he’s going to be a more prominent character in book 2.

I felt pretty much the same way about this book. I was definitely interested enough to keep reading and can’t wait to find out more. Although I wasn’t a big fan of the heroine, it was enjoyable enough for me to continue.

I wasn’t a fan to begin with but she definitely grew on me :) I am looking forward to seeing where the series goes next!

Yeah, the heroine got on my nerves half the time, but I ended up liking it.

I agree – she was a pain at the beginning, but she did grow and I did like her in the end!

Thanks for the review! I actually considering buying this book!

It’s a great read – hope you get your hands on it soon!

I loved mythology and this one was very interesting…it;s one of my favorites for the year.

I have really enjoyed the mythology YA books that have come out over the last few months, they’ve been great!

Lisa Richards says:

This is one I’d kind of been on the fence about, still it sounds like a good possibility.

I enjoyed it but it does start off slow – definitely worth persevering though :)

Rebecca Hipworth says:

I love mythology, especially Greek mythology, so I loved this book. :)
I’m glad you like it.

I’m a fan of Greek Mythology too :)

I loved Everneath! The whole concept really intrigued me and I can’t wait to read on in the series.

Me too – I’m really interested to see where the sequel goes.

Thanks for the review! I was debating whether to put this on my TBR list since some of my friends didn’t like it that much but your review changed my mind :)

Glad I could help and I hope you enjoy it!

Jaime Lester says:

So, yeah, I was not a fan of this book until about 3/4 of the way through. Well, to clarify, I liked a paragraph here and there, but as a whole I just couldn’t get attached to Everneath. The redeeming factors were definitely the characters. But then, all of a sudden, something happened and I ended up devouring the last 1/4 of the story and it actually made me want to read book 2. This one definitely had me on a roller coaster. I hope that book 2 is able to grab me from page 1. Thanks for your review!

I’m the same, I very nearly put this book down but I ended up addicted and reading it so quickly! I agree I hope book 2 starts off with a bang :)

I also had a problem getting into it at the beginning, I honestly thought I just wouldn’t be able to get into and get past the confusingness that is the Everneath and nunnels. But then all of a sudden I was in love. I don’t know what changed but instead of wearing a confused look on my face which I had for the first +50 pages, my face lit up and my nose peered closer into the book eager for the next sentence. It’s rare for books to have that big of a turn around for me, but boy am I glad it did!

P.S – Don’t even get me started on Jack. No joke, I was squealing in delight, hehe ;D

Brilliant review!

P.P.S – That ending. GAH. Need. Sequel. Like. Yesterday!!

So true – I was so sure this book for be a DNF for me and then BAM I was hooked :) I can’t wait for the sequel either!

Now that you say it, I did notice that her family wasn’t all concerned on where she was. All they cared about was that she stay on the straight and narrow track.

It didn’t ring very true to me but I guess you have to gloss over some things to enjoy books sometimes :)

Sheena-kay Graham says:

This story has also been on my TBR for a while. I definitely have to buy it over the summer. Great review, I love the whole fight to stay alive/above ground theme of it all. Nikki seems to be a great heroine. Hope the plot holes are as neglegable as you say.

It’s a great read – I hope you get your hands on it soon!

Filia Oktarina says:

I am looking forward to read this book. The cover book was beautifull, i love it!!

It’s a wonderful book – I hope you get a hold of it soon :)

i hope this book is really as good as your review :)

add to my list to buy

Thanks for commenting – I hope you get a chance to read it soon!

Amanda Morganne says:

I completely agree about Cole, he could’ve had more personality and made more of an impact throughout the novel. I adore Jack though :) Great review!

Cheers – I’m sure we’ll find out heaps more about Cole in the sequel and I hope he is as intriguing as he appears to be!

Thanks for the warning to read on. I probably would have dropped it if I hadn’t read your review. I am interested in reading about Cole after the review as well. I have the Book just haven’t started it yet.

Since writing this I’ve had a couple of people tell me that they dropped it at the beginning – it really is worth reading on. Hope you like it!

Ashley Siegle says:

I have been going back and forth whether this was a book I wanted to read or not…this review made me intriqued even with some of the down sides to it – I am LOVING all of these fantasy books and really look forward to reading this one now! I only wish there were THIS good of books when I was a teen and had whole summers to sit and read 😛

Totally agree – I wish I had all these awesome books in High School, I would have had my nose in a book all the time :)

roro @roro is reading[rogier] says:

i loved this book
gr8 review

Cheers glad you liked it!

What a great review! I have been wanting to read this book for awhile now. It sounds really good!

It’s definitely worth picking up if you have the time!

Martina Koleva says:

This book is on my to-read list before it came out and ever since I first saw it I really, really wanted it. I haven’t got the chance to read it yet but this is not the only great review I’ve read for it. I have high hopes for it and I can’t wait to read it.

I want to read this book. I love the cover and Greek mythology. If only more authors wrote about Cupid and Psyche.

I do enjoy Greek Mythology too :)

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