WWW Wednesday #2

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WWW Wednesdays is hosted by Should Be Reading. It’s a weekly (Wednesday-gasp!) event where you share

1. What you’re currently reading
2. What you recently finished reading and
3. What you think you’ll read next.

What I’m Currently Reading

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda
Goodreads | Amazon | The Book Depository

I had quite a few issues getting this Netgalley into a format that I could easily read (I pretty much do all my reading at random hours in the middle of the night when my daughter wakes me up).  Finally got it sorted with a nifty new ereader app for the iPhone so will actually get to review this book after all hooray!

Goodreads Synopsis:
Don’t Sweat.  Don’t Laugh.  Don’t draw attention to yourself.  And most of all, whatever you do, do not fall in love with one of them.
Gene is different from everyone else around him.  He can’t run with lightning speed, sunlight doesn’t hurt him and he doesn’t have an unquenchable lust for blood.  Gene is a human, and he knows the rules.  Keep the truth a secret.  It’s the only way to stay alive in a world of night—a world where humans are considered a delicacy and hunted for their blood.

When he’s chosen for a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt the last remaining humans, Gene’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble around him.  He’s thrust into the path of a girl who makes him feel things he never thought possible—and into a ruthless pack of hunters whose suspicions about his true nature are growing. Now that Gene has finally found something worth fighting for, his need to survive is stronger than ever—but is it worth the cost of his humanity?

Above by Leah Bobet
Goodreads | Amazon | The Book Depository

Seeing I didn’t think I had any chance of reading The Hunt and I had just bought this book I couldn’t help but start it!  Now I’m reading them both at once, something I’m not particularly brilliant at but we’ll see how I go!

Goodreads Synopsis:
Matthew has loved Ariel from the moment he found her in the tunnels, her bee’s wings falling away. They live in Safe, an underground refuge for those fleeing the city Above–like Whisper, who speaks to ghosts, and Jack Flash, who can shoot lightning from his fingers.

But one terrifying night, an old enemy invades Safe with an army of shadows, and only Matthew, Ariel, and a few friends escape Above.As Matthew unravels the mystery of Safe’s history and the shadows’ attack, he realizes he must find a way to remake his home–not just for himself, but for Ariel, who needs him more than ever before.

ABOVE is the debut of an amazing new voice.

What I Recently Finished Reading

The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
Goodreads | Amazon | The Book Depository

What a fantastic book! Seriously I can’t get over how great it was, Julie Kagawa is an awesome writer! I’m putting her Iron Fey series up the top of my to-read list after review books now!

Goodreads Synopsis:
In a future world, Vampires reign. Humans are blood cattle. And one girl will search for the key to save humanity.
Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of a vampire city. By day, she and her crew scavenge for food. By night, any one of them could be eaten.Some days, all that drives Allie is her hatred of them.The vampires who keep humans as blood cattle. Until the night Allie herself is attacked—and given the ultimate choice. Die… or become one of the monsters.

Faced with her own mortality, Allie becomes what she despises most. To survive, she must learn the rules of being immortal, including the most important: go long enough without human blood, and you will go mad.

Then Allie is forced to flee into the unknown, outside her city walls. There she joins a ragged band of humans who are seeking a legend—a possible cure to the disease that killed off most of humankind and created the rabids, the mindless creatures who threaten humans and vampires alike.

But it isn’t easy to pass for human. Especially not around Zeke, who might see past the monster inside her. And Allie soon must decide what—and who—is worth dying for.

What I Plan on Reading Next

Disharmony by Leah Giarratano
Goodreads | The Book Depository

I thought the synopsis of this book sounded awesome and as it’s also an Australian author I’m so glad I’m getting the opportunity to read this.

Goodreads Synopsis:

A psychopath…an empath…a genius.
Three siblings who will save the world – or destroy it.
They know nothing of each other. They know nothing of the Telling.
But they’ll need to learn fast if they’re going to survive…
A gripping new series about a collision of worlds, the power of destiny, and the darkness in us all..

So what are you reading at the moment? Link me your WWW Wednesday or if you aren’t a blogger let me know in the comments – I would love to hear!


Sometimes the netgalley formatting gets a bit wonky…its always a good idea to let someone in support over there know so they can look into it and fix things when they can.

I also really hope to get to Immortal Rules soon…everyone seems to be loving it!

My WWW Wednesday is here.

Good idea – I hadn’t thought of letting Netgalley know I just thought that particular publisher was being fussy about formats!

I have to say all of these books sound awesome… I got turned down for them on Netgalley though! I guess I’m not YA enough 😛

Rejection sucks – I would have approved you! Immortal Rules was pretty awesome maybe try rerequesting it – its not that YA, it could easily be suited to your blog IMO!

I’m still cranky that I got rejected for Skylark which looks so good and I’ve now found out is one of the BEA buzz books (don’t know what that really means but it sounds important and exciting!)

Thanks for stopping by my WWW Valentina :)

What is Netgalley? I’ll have to look into it.

Here’s my WWW WEd:



Netgalley is the bread and butter of a book reviewer! It lets you write a profile that publishers can see and you can browse upcoming novels and put in requests to read them. If your approved you can then download them in a number of ebook formats to read and then review the novel on your blog.

Good luck – definitely sign up!

Thanks for stopping by my WWW Wednesday https://melcj.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/www-wednesday-3/

Really like the sound of The Hunt and Immortal

No worries – The Hunt has been good so far!

Such interesting reads–I haven’t heard of any of them.

Its amazing how books get hyped up in different circles :) Every post I look at I feel I see something about The Immortal Rules hahaha.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Good to hear you liked The Immortal Rules, I haven’t read anything from Julie Kagawa before, so I’m quite excited about it! :)

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by! :)

Monaliz @ Mind Reading?

No worries – I really have to get onto her Iron Fey series now I think!

Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads says:

Thanks for stopping by my WWW! This is my first time visiting your blog — it’s so pretty! I hope that you read The Book Thief soon; it’s such a good book. WWII story, but from a completely unique perspective.

I’ve been hearing such good things about The Immortal Rules — and the cover is so deliciously creepy! I still haven’t finished her other series (Iron King, etc), so I should finish those before I start another one.

Aww thankyou – I think it’s pretty too :) I will read The Book Thief soon – it’s sitting on my bookshelf so I have no excuses!

I’ve never read anything by Julie Kagawa and it seems I’ve been missing out!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
(I did respond to your comment you left on my WWW post.)

No worries – I’m fairly hopeless at ticking the “email me when you get a reply” option on those comments! I just read my response and realised what a dark and heavy thing to bring up in a WWW – sorry! As much as it was sad I was very lucky to be blessed with my baby daughter a couple of months later and she made the whole mourning process 100 times easier I think (sleep deprivation and a million nursing sessions and nappy changes can keep you pretty busy lol) :) I think I will put it on my to-read list, I’ve got heaps of books lined up for May but June doesn’t have too much in the review pile yet so I might fit it in then.

Jess @ Jessy ' s Bookends says:

I have read good reviews for The Immortal Rules, I also want to read it.
Thanks for stopping by Jessy’s Bookends, I love visits.

It was really really good – I’m half way through writing a review for it atm!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. :) Great WWW post. Enjoy your books.

– Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment