Happy Easter!



















Just a quick post to say Happy Easter!  I unfortunately came down with a sore throat and cold today but still managed to sneak in the odd chocolate egg and enjoy some cupcakes.

I’m very proud of the cupcakes I made – my first foray into decorating with fondant – what do you think?  The cupcakes were actually a kit from this awesome company – Cake 2 The Rescue which included everything including a mini rolling pin.  Was awesome fun and will definitely be using them for Caitlin’s 2nd birthday cake :)

Hope you all had a fabulous day – what did you get up to?


Gorgeous cupcakes!! I hope they tasted as good as they looked 😀
We had a nice weekend at the Sunshine coast, although I started it off by dropping a pyrex bowl onto my toe which meant I couldn’t walk far all weekend >.< Still, it was lovely weather for a change :) I hope you guys had fun!

They tasted great! Poor foot what a pity :( It was a nice relaxing 4 days, definitely was great having Mark home too!

Jaime Lester says:

The cupcakes are beautiful and they look devour-worthy! Wish I could have a few. I am sorry to hear that you were sick. Me too, unfortunately. I spent the whole day wrapped in blankets on the couch trying not to sleep all day. Not my favorite Easter ever, but next years will be better! Hope you had a great Easter in spite of feeling not quite up to par!

Oh no! It seems quite a few people spent easter crook this year :( Next year will have to be aweswome to make up for it!

The cupcakes tasted really good too they were a smash hit!

Happy late Easter! Sorry you were sick, but at least you got cupcakes! :)

Cupcakes make everything better 😛

Gosh I hope you’re better now. I wouldn’t have guessed that this was your first time! I would have loved to try your cupcakes!

Awww thankyou! Yep much better now and the cupcakes tasted great!